CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Members of the Virginia House of Delegates are on a mission to improve education throughout the commonwealth. The second annual House Education Committee Summit kicked off at the University of Virginia.

Monday was day one of the two day summit. The House Education Committee along with other experts talked about the importance of improving K-12 public education as well as higher education.

Delegate Steve Landes called everyone together and UVA President Teresa Sullivan gave opening remarks.

Experts said the need for having skilled, dedicated teachers who can help students learn and invest is the key to improving education in the state.

Delegate Landes says the business community is also very interested in how well trained young people are these days.

"Times are changing, the needs are changing, colleges and universities are looking for folks in a different way, so we're trying to find policies that will keep up with all those changes and at the same time do it in a cost effective way,” Landes said.

The installation of more charter schools in Virginia was also a topic of discussion. Delegates say they must find more efficient ways of putting in place certain strategies in the public education system.
Landes says the education system has been operating the same way for years in Virginia. He says it's time for some change.