ORANGE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - The owner of Orange County's Peaceable Farm will wait three more weeks to find out when she'll go to trial on 27 animal cruelty charges.

Anne Goland, who also goes by Anne Shumate Williams, had her case continued Wednesday morning in Orange Co. court. Her attorney did not request bail during the court proceedings, but he did tell NBC29 that he may make a motion at a later date.

The 57-year-old owner of Peaceable Farm is now scheduled to be back in court on November 18. In the coming weeks Goland and the board members of the nonprofit horse rescue she says is now defunct will also have a seizure hearing for the animals taken from that farm last week

The Orange County Sheriff's Office says 81 horses as well as dozens of cats and dogs have been removed since authorities raided the farm on October 19. At least 16 other animals from Peaceable Farm have died.

Investigators in Montgomery County, Maryland tell NBC 29 they first alerted Orange County Animal Control about Goland on July 26. They say an officer left a message with animal control to let them know Goland was moving horses from her farm in Dickerson to Somerset. The Orange Co. Sheriff’s Office has two animal control officers on staff.

Orange Co. Sheriff Mark Amos has launched an internal investigation into his office's response to the situation at Peaceable Farm.

"Currently, we are looking into complaints involving the internal investigation, but I cannot comment on any of the details. At the end, when it is complete, we will reveal our findings," the sheriff said.

Montgomery Co. police say they had responded to repeated calls from people concerned about the welfare of Goland's horses since January. She would eventually be charged with improper drink for her horses.

Animal services in Maryland says it is responding to Orange County's request for case files involving Goland and the horses that were living on the Maryland farm.

We have offered to them any information that we have that they may find valuable to the investigation they're conducting," said Paul Hibler with Montgomery Co. Animal Services.

Sheriff Amos says the IRS and Virginia State Police are helping to dig into Goland's finances for the nonprofit horse rescue she ran at the farm.

"Our investigators are still working on this every day. There's mounds and mounds of documents and interviews," said Amos.

Goland is currently being held at Central Virginia Regional Jail.