CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - A Charlottesville man's mission to help war veterans is garnering national attention.  This month, Sean Gobin was named a 2015 Top 10 CNN Hero.

The retired Marine and University of Virginia Darden School grad started a program called Warrior Hike. Gobin takes men and women to "walk off the war" on the Appalachian Trail.  Some hikes run 6 months, spanning about the same time as a deployment.

“It’s definitely a life-changing experience,” he said.  “It really gives veterans the time and space to decompress from their military service and then also to process their war time experiences.”

CNN gave Gobin $10,000 for Warrior Hike. He is also in the running to win the $100,000 “Hero of the Year” prize."    

You can vote for Gobin online from now until November 15.