ORANGE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - Sheriff's deputies found a devastating scene at a private farm in Orange County Monday. After finding more than 100 mistreated animals, the sheriff’s office has a major animal welfare case on its hands.

Following several complaints, deputies with a search warrant found over 100 abused horses and a large number of mistreated dogs and cats at Peaceable Farm. Some of the animals found were dead.

“We received a number of calls over the weekend for people that were concerned about the horses on the property,” said Orange County Sheriff Mark Amos.  

Three veterinarians joined sheriff's deputies to evaluate the emaciated animals one at a time. They will return to the farm and finish evaluating each animal Tuesday. 

Amos says he's only seen a similar situation once before.

“I've seen something like this before but not to this magnitude. Back in the middle 90s, we had a similar problem but it wasn't to this amount of animals that were involved,” Amos stated.

The sheriff's office has spoken with the owners of the private farm but cannot share what was discussed. 

Amos says while the case is still under investigation, the commonwealth's attorney is already involved.

Joint Statement from Orange County Sheriff's Office and Orange County Commonwealth's Attorney:

Orange County Sheriff's Office personnel executed a search warrant Monday morning on a farm in Orange County as a result of complaints made to the Orange County Sheriff's Office over the weekend.

Over 100 horses were located, as well as a large number of dogs and cats. Multiple veterinarians came to the scene to evaluate the health of each horse and animal.

A number of dead animals, including horses, cats, and dogs, were found.

This investigation is ongoing at this time of this release, and Sheriff's Office personnel and veterinarians are still on scene.