The man accused of killing University of Virginia student Hannah Graham last year now wants to know very specific information about the grand jury members who indicted him. 

The latest round of motions in the Jesse Matthew capital murder case came in Thursday afternoon.

Jesse Matthew’s defense team wants access to information about Albemarle grand juries for the past four years, including the two grand juries who indicted Matthew. A grand jury indicted Matthew for first-degree murder in February and a different grand jury indicted him for capital murder in April.

The defense wants information about the selection and composition of the grand jury including identities and addresses of individual grand jurors. Matthew's attorneys say they want the information so they can determine whether the jury selection process was constitutional.

"What this gets at is that there is always a concern about whether the grand jury is being chosen only from the white majority.  This is more of a problem, has been more of a problem in other jurisdictions.  But as a matter of leaving no stone unturned, I'm sure they're turning under the stone to see if anything is going to crawl out," said NBC29 Legal Analyst Lloyd Snook.

The defense is also asking for an expert to perform a prison violence risk assessment to argue against the death penalty if Matthew is convicted. His lawyers believe an expert may be able to convince the jury that Matthew is at low risk for committing acts of violence in prison.

Commonwealth's Attorney Denise Lunsford has two weeks to respond to the motions. She did not file any motions in this round. 

The motions will be argued at a hearing on September 30.

This is a developing story, we will bring you further details as they become available.