GREENE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - Dozens of homeowners in Greene County are upset about a proposed shooting range.

The Durrer family wants to convert two acres of their farm land into a semi-outdoor shooting range. The proposed range would be built near Route 29 and Route 33 in Ruckersville, close to Big Iron Outdoors, LLC.

A group called Greene County Neighbors (GCN) is opposed to the Durrer family building the gun range so close to homes. Group members are citing safety and noise as two major factors that could ruin their neighborhoods.

"We like the views, we like the safety of living here in Greene," said homeowner Lance Pickett.

Pickett and his wife, Jackie, are worried those aspects of their home could go away.

"It’s going to be impossible for me to work from home, to be on tele-conferences all day long to have the gun range in the background,” Jackie Pickett said.

"Seventy homes are within what's called the surface danger zone of this gun range, and those are most at risk. And those homes have families with kids," said Mike Collins, one of the leaders of GCN.

Pickett and Collins insist the debate is not about whether or not to invite gun enthusiasts to the area.

"I own guns, I'm a concealed carry permit holder. I actually go to Harrisonburg and Richmond to shoot. I really enjoy shooting," said Lance Pickett.

"This is not an anti-gun movement at all. We're pro-Second Amendment. Many of us are NRA members, many of us are gun owners, have concealed carry permit and we want a gun range in Greene County. But this is just the wrong design and the wrong location," Collins said.

They don't want the potential hazards or noise the range could cause to the area.

"We're obviously concerned about stray bullets escaping the range. You know, accidental discharges from the parking lot perhaps," Lance said.

"They have said that the noise will be no louder than a barking dog. Well average, you're going to expect 8,000 rounds shot a day. I don't want to live next door to a dog that barks 8,000 times a day," said Collins.

Collins says the data they've collected to back up their claims comes from online research and evaluations from retired military personnel.

GCN plans to make its feelings heard on August 19 at the Greene County Planning Commission's public hearing for the proposed range.