GREENE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - The debate over whether or not a Greene County family can build a shooting range on their property is heating up.

For months, Lyle Durrer has planned to build a semi-outdoor range on two acres of his family’s land.

"There are a few ranges around, but from right here the closest one is close to an hour and then further, and some of those are private," said Durrer.

The proposed shooting range would be built near Route 29 and Route 33 in Ruckersville, close to the Durrer's firearms shop, Big Iron Outdoors, LLC.

In March, the county’s planning and zoning commission deferred the public hearing for Durrer's request to re-district his family's land for the shooting range.  He's now voluntarily removed the acreage from an agricultural and farm use only district. As a result, Durrer can now be awarded a special use permit for the range from the county.

He says customers at his gun shop and many people in Greene County support the range.

“There are more shooters than hunters. That's plain. You know they'll work their jobs - their 40 hours a week - and on the weekends they shoot. That's their hobby," Durrer said.

Many neighbors have voiced concerns over the potential noise and dangers the range could pose.

"The range design is a partially baffled design, which means that there is a very very real chance of errant bullets and ricochet coming out and ending up in my yard," Carolyn Politis said.

Despite kickback, Durrer says he wants to move forward and bring the range to the community.

"It's in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. It's a major investment in the county, in the community that they will benefit from also," he said.

The Greene County Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on the matter on August 19.