CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - More than twenty high school squash players from Harlem, Roxbury, South Chicago and other urban areas around the country are spending four days in Charlottesville to participate in an elite squash training camp hosted by UVa and the Boar's Head Sports Club.

The camp's organized by the National Urban Squash and Education Association (NUSEA) and directed by UVa squash coaches Mark Allen and Grant White.

There's 11 different training sessions over the four days. The schedule allows for campers to feel what its like to participate in a professional squash environment as well enjoy some of the cultural aspects of Charlottesville.

Allen says, "Thanks to the generosity of Quantitative Foundation, we've been able to put this on free-of-charge for all the players with NUSEA. They've been doing four days of intense training. They had some cultural events. We went to Monticello."

Camper Michel'le Messenger says, "All the squash...they push you to the limit with the squash skills and all the drills. We have real fun field trips. We went to a trampoline place. Its just really cool."

NUSEA Haven Squash Coach Owen Butler says, "The campers love these type of squad camps. It gives them a real opportunity to meet players from other programs from different places across the states. It gives them the opportunity as well to train all day...and play consistently."