Peter Coors found out last July that he had Type 1 diabetes after he suddenly fell ill. His body was attacking his pancreas, causing it to shut down and stop producing insulin.

Coors uses an insulin pump to control his condition, as well as a blood glucose meter on his arm so he can easily check his blood sugar levels.

However, Coors' insurance didn't cover those devices at first. Meredith Coors, Peter's mother, says the family had to argue with their provider for seven months before the company agreed to cover them.

Coors made a video describing his situation, and next month he will be part of the 2015 Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) Children's Congress in Washington, D.C. The St. Anne's Belfied student will be urging lawmakers to consider legislation that would require health insurance providers to cover these devices for anyone diagnosed with Type 1.

"I really want to just talk about getting everybody being able to get a pump, or a continuous glucose monitor, because that really changed my life," Coors said.

Coors will also be representing JDRF, an organization that specifically researches Type 1 diabetes. He hopes Congress can provide JDRF with more funding to continue its work.