FAIRFAX, Va. (WVIR) - The victim from a 2005 alleged sexual attack in Fairfax County will be allowed to identify 33-year-old Jesse Matthew at trial.

Matthew is accused of raping and almost killing a woman in Fairfax Co. back in 2005. He is also charged in Albemarle County in the murder of University of Virginia student Hannah Graham.

Thursday's court hearing started at 3:00 p.m., but was delayed because the victim from the case wasn't in court. She lives in India and had arrived in the United States earlier in the day with her children.

The hearing was to determine whether the woman could reliably identify Matthew as her attacker. Matthew's lawyers argue that her recollection of the decade-old attack might be corrupted by pretrial publicity that has frequently shown Matthew's photo.

Commonwealth Attorney Ray Morrogh had asked the court to let the woman testify on Friday instead because she was tired from her travels. The defense shot down that request. The judge ordered prosecutors to bring the woman to court today.

The suppression hearing began with testimony from detective Michael Boone while a prosecutor brought the woman to court.

Det. Boone said he kept in touch with the victim over the nearly 10 years since the reported attack. Boone was asked by defense attorneys if he had at any point shown the victim a picture or lineup of Jesse Matthew. Boone replied that he did not.

Boone told the court that when he called the woman last week to talk about final arrangements for her flight that she mentioned she'd seen a picture of Matthew in something she read online. The defense asked the detective if he told her not to look at media coverage. Boone said he did not.

Once the victim arrived in court, she identified Jesse Matthew and the judge denied the defense's suppression motion. The judge also denied another defense motion to continue the case.

Matthew's trial starts Monday, June 8. The jury trial is slated for two weeks with jury selection starting things off Monday at 10 a.m.

The Associated Press contributed to this article