NELSON COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - Twenty-seven landowners face lawsuits for not allowing surveying on their property for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.

Dominion Energy says it filed suit Tuesday against 22 property owners in Nelson County, three in Augusta, and two in Buckingham.

It expects eventually to file suit against more than 100 people.

The proposed route was recently updated, leading to additional survey requests for the 550 mile pipeline from West Virginia through Virginia to North Carolina.

Dominion Energy News Release:

The Atlantic Coast Pipeline yesterday filed legal actions against 27 landowners in three Virginia counties, with 22 filed in Nelson, three in Augusta and two in Buckingham. Overall, the ACP expects to file legal action against more than 100 landowners who have refused to give permission to survey along the proposed route.

Some of these landowners may grant us permission before any hearing occurs, which, of course, we would welcome. We expect the legal process to take several months for those who have not given us access to survey.

Most of these landowners are along the recently adopted alternate routes in the counties in Virginia, especially Appalachian Trail South, which crosses the Blue Ridge Parkway and Appalachian Trail about eight miles south of the initial proposed crossing. Both the AT South and previously proposed route remain under consideration. Surveys are needed to gather environmental, historical and cultural information about the study corridor so that the ACP can choose which route would have the least impact.

These landowners have been steadfast in telling us they will not grant permission to survey regardless of the Virginia law that allows us to enter their property to survey once notifications are made as required by that law. The company could send surveyors onto their land today, but the company reached out one more time to see if they would reconsider and allow surveying. We notified them that if they did not grant us permission, we would file legal actions and ask the court to affirm the law. We are now at the stage with these landowners.

Frank Mack, APR
Manager-Dominion Transmission Communications
Six Sigma Master Black Belt
Dominion Energy