AUGUSTA COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - Dominion Resources and opposition groups to its planned Atlantic Coast Pipeline are reacting to public comments about the project.

The energy company published an analysis received throughout the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) scoping process earlier this week.

Dominion's analysis report shows that around 23,000 comments were in favor of the natural gas pipeline project, around 5,000 were against it, and roughly 200 were classified as neutral.

The purpose of the scoping process through FERC is to gather information on specific impacts the project could have. Opposition groups say whether people are for or against the pipeline shouldn't play a factor.

Dominion says interest groups on both sides asked people to give their opinion, and its analysis simply represents the results.

"The Consumer Energy Alliance asked residents in North Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia if they would support the project, and they can notify the FERC by clicking a button on a website. That's the exact same thing that opposition groups are doing," said Dominion spokesperson Jim Norvelle.

“If people didn't say pro or con, which was not the purpose in the first place, they wouldn't end up in Dominion's accounting at all. And for them to spend so much of their response to environmental impact statement to look at that is really disingenuous, and shifts the focus away from what's really important," said Ernie Reed with Friends of Nelson.

Now that the scoping process is complete, the next step is for Dominion is to submit a series of 12 resource reports to FERC, detailing potential environmental impacts of the pipeline. Those reports are expected to be published in the next few weeks.