Lawmakers gathered in Richmond Monday for a meeting of the Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission. They took a look at the quality and efficiency of everything from the Department of Motor Vehicles, to departments that help veterans.

The commission also focused on the ballooning costs of Medicaid and college tuition in Virginia.

A major study is examining the state's Medicaid program. According to 25th District Delegate Steve Landes (R), that program has grown to nearly 22 percent of the state's budget.

"The more efficient we can make this system, provide better services, look at some of those things like is there more we could do for prevention?" Landes said.

Del. Landes and others are also worried that students are having trouble graduating on time and finding jobs. “You've got student debt as folks come out of college, and that's increasing," the delegate said.

The studies are ongoing on these issues and will continue throughout the year.

The final results of the Medicaid study are scheduled for fall of 2016.