CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - College students from across Virginia are teaming up to start their own protest to Dominion Resources' Atlantic Coast Pipeline.

The students will participate in a 10-day resistance ride along the proposed route for the natural gas pipeline. The 30 riders are part of a group called the Virginia Student Environmental Coalition.

They're joining the movement against the energy company's project, and hope to raise awareness in the communities the pipeline could affect.

The bicyclists start their 332-mile ride on Sunday morning in Augusta County.

Students from seven colleges, including the University of Virginia, James Madison University and Virginia Commonwealth University are participating in the ride.

Along the way, they're stopping in different communities to hear stories about how the pipeline will impact the region.

“Since they go through people's private property, and people's really personal sacred spaces, they gather resistance from a lot of people who aren't normally on the environmental crowd, not really normally thought of as pipeline resistors,” said organizer Hannah Bearman.

The bikers hope to document their journey on a blog in order to show people all the natural resources that will be disrupted by the pipeline.

The group will finish up their 10-day ride in Norfolk.