CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - A documentary sharing the stories of people fighting Dominion's proposed natural gas pipeline will debut this weekend in Charlottesville.

James Madison University students are finishing edits for the 30-minute film "Won't Pipe Down." They started working on the documentary for a class last September and kept going even after the semester ended.

The students interviewed Augusta and Nelson County property owners along the proposed pipeline route, including filmmaker Abby Riggleman's parents.

“This is an inspiration for other communities to be able to come together and say hey we can fight this no matter how small we are, we can fight this,” Riggleman stated. “Everyone has a voice, and I think at the start of this Nelson County might have thought they wouldn't be heard, but I think at the end of this people will realize Nelson County has done so much.”

“It started as a small project. It was just a project. Then it became like, well, let's do something bigger. Let's make this something people are going to want to help, to fight for,” said videographer Dan McNew.

The first full showing of "Won't Pipe Down" is Sunday night at 7:00 at Runk Hall at the University of Virginia.

A bigger premiere event with a panel discussion is planned for Monday night in Harrisonburg.