NELSON COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - The association that represents thousands of property owners in Nelson County is blocking a proposed natural gas pipeline. The Wintergreen Property Owners Association (WPOA) is joining the opposition to Dominion's Atlantic Coast Pipeline project.

The association is sending out postcards to 3,600 property owners, urging them to get up to speed on the pipeline project. It is also sending an opposition letter to federal regulators, the governor, and Virginia's senators.

The nine-member board voted at a meeting Friday to join the opposition to Dominion's proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline. 

An alternate route would take the pipeline right through Wintergreen's main gate and several properties. The association calls the pipeline a "potential scar" on the natural setting its owners work to maintain.

“To have a pipeline or any right of way clearing go through our wooded entrance sort of detracts dramatically from the notion that we are serious about conservation,” said WPOA Executive Director Russell Otis.

WPOA is also rescinding permission for Dominion to survey on its land for the pipeline.

Dominion says it is still focused on the proposed route through Afton and reviewing the alternative routes, including through Wintergreen.

“For those landowners who continue to deny us permission, we're going to continue to follow the procedures of Virginia state law and be prepared, if necessary, to take them to court and ask the court to affirm our right to survey his or her property,” said Dominion Spokesman Frank Mack.

The Wintergreen Property Owners Association is asking the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to extend the deadline for comments by at least 30 days. Right now that deadline is April 28.