CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - The University of Virginia's student newspaper The Cavalier Daily is apologizing for two satirical articles that appeared in their April Fools' Day edition.

One article titled “ABC officers tackle Native American student outside Bodo's Bagels” referenced the arrest of Martese Johnson. The article has since been removed from the website. Many students felt it was insensitive.

The Cavalier Daily apology stated, “We understand that the arrest of our classmate Martese Johnson by Alcoholic Beverage Control officers was a highly traumatic incident both for the community and for Martese himself. In the days that followed, as we at the paper sought to comprehend what happened and provide the community with constructive reporting, we have felt upset, angry and confused alongside the student body. We are embarrassed that our empathy for these immensely serious issues was undermined by this piece. We had no intentions of victimizing another underrepresented community in the process.”

The second article titled "Everybody move to the back of the bus", subtitled "Zeta Psi hosts ‘Rosa Parks' party," was also removed from their website.  In the apology managing board said, “We also apologize for the article satirizing themed fraternity parties. Our intention was not to perpetuate stereotypes, but to highlight the offensive nature of these themed parties in the past. Again, our readers were hurt by this piece, and that makes its publication inexcusable.”

The Cavalier Daily issued the apology on its website Wednesday afternoon. The apology will also run in its next print edition.