There have been a number or protests with students marching and chanting support for Martese Johnson. Now, UVA Alumni for Change is stepping in with a fundraiser campaign to help Johnson with medical and legal expenses incurred as a result from Wednesday night's incident.

The Indiegogo page "Justice for Martese" has raised just over $6,000 in the one day it's been online. The page indicates that donations have come from close to 100 different people. The page also indicates that the group's goal is to raise $50,000.

The main organizers of the fund are men who graduated from Johnson's fraternity at UVA, Kappa Alpha Psi.

"As one of many concerned alumni, we've launched this campaign in support of Martese to support him as he recovers from this traumatic event. And we want him to know that his upcoming expenses, legal, medical or otherwise, that those won't be a concern. That those will be covered through the efforts of this campaign," says Tremain Wheatley of UVA Alumni for Change.

We reached out to Johnson's Attorney about the fundraising effort. He said "the details of my arrangement with Mr. Johnson are subject to attorney-client privilege. I am glad the community is showing support for Martese.”


Editor's Note: Information regarding how excess funds will be used can be found in this excerpt from the Indiegogo page: 

We have established this fundraising campaign with a preliminary goal to help Martese in current and ongoing medical, publicity related and legal expenses associated with his criminal defense. Any and all funds donated that exceed Martese's preliminary efforts will accrue to the long-term goal of fighting against Martese's injustice and future social actions including scholarships, education efforts, legal defense funds for students in need and other organizations or causes of his choosing that are close to his heart.

One suggested scholarship includes the Ridley Scholarship Fund ( which advances the cause of increased diversity and tolerance at the University of Virginia. The Ridley Scholarship Fund currently provides scholarships for African-American students admitted to the University of Virginia. The fund was named for the University's first African- American graduate, Dr. Walter N. Ridley in 1953.