Greene Co. Planning and Zoning Director Bart Svoboda says public comment is now delayed until at least August.

The county has delayed Lyle Durrer's request for a special use permit for an outdoor shooting range on two acres of his family's land. The acreage for the range is protected by an agricultural forestall district zone that does not allow special use permits.

This year, Durrer can opt out his land from being in the agricultural zone and then get a permit to build the range.

The county says some citizens aren't happy about the idea.

"We've heard from some folks that are for it. We've heard from folks that are or have concerns about it, or are against it. Mainly traffic, noise, property values, how does that affect those things that are in their pieces of property that are nearby," Svoboda said.

The proposed 20 lane shooting range would be built near Route 29 and Route 33 in Ruckersville, right next to the Durrer's firearms shop, Big Iron Outdoors, LLC.

Both Big Iron Outdoors and the Greene Co. Planning Commission are encouraging online feedback and concerns from people who live in the community.