Charlottesville High School hosted the 3rd Annual EdTechTeam Summit this weekend. The event educates teachers on dozens of new applications they can put to use in the classroom.

"I think it's been one of the most valuable professional development experiences I've had in the last year," said Zachary Bullock, history teacher at CHS.

Bullock says the technology he's learned how to use in just two days will turn some of his classroom practices into history.

"The Google Classroom platform really streamlined a way to get kids using and submitting online assignments, also for doing online extensions," Bullock said.

The EdTechTeam Summit brings hundreds of educators from across the country together to learn new teaching methods and share ideas about using technology.

"They purposefully schedule the times to allow that networking between sessions, and they emphasize that we should take that opportunity," said instructional coordinator Ellen Burnett.

Jeff Faust, the director of technology for Charlottesville City Schools, says teachers benefit from the summit's presenters who have a similar background.

"Usually the person presenting it is either a teacher or an educational professional or an administrator somewhere else. So they're coming to you with real experience to share what works for them or what they've seen work," Faust said.

Presenter and teacher Lisa Highfill says these new technologies have an immediate effect on the classroom.

"It used to be with technology you think you're going to go on and do some research, and oh you'll just Google it, and then you'll write your report. But now they're creators of content themselves," she said.

Bullock says he is excited to get started in his own class.

"I think they've got a lot of good ways for us to effectively integrate technology into our teaching and learning," he said.

The summit focuses on teaching apps developed by Google. Teachers say using the technology provides students a more interactive learning experience.