explained what a nitrogen footprint is, and the impact it has on the environment.

University of Virginia professor Jim Galloway and UVA 3rd-year student Lia Cattaneo led a discussion on the development of the nitrogen footprint.

They discussed the effects of reactive nitrogen, which is found in a variety of forms. It interacts with elements in our environment to create smog. Reactive nitrogen is also responsible for the weakening of the upper-atmosphere ozone layer.

"People talk a lot about carbon pollution, but little do they know that nitrogen is also a huge problem, almost in the same magnitude as carbon and we're just trying to raise awareness about this," Cattaneo said.

UVA became the first school in the country to measure its footprint. The university says it is committed to reducing its emissions.

Attendees at Tuesday's workshop were shown how to calculate their own nitrogen footprint by factoring in things like their meat intake, housing, and mobility.