FAIRFAX, Va. (WVIR) - The man accused of raping and almost killing a woman in Fairfax will have his trial delayed. Jesse Matthew is also charged with the abduction of a University of Virginia student and is linked to the Morgan Harrington murder investigation.

The hearing was short Friday, Feb. 6, with Matthew's defense team asking the judge to postpone the Fairfax trial. It is now scheduled to start March 9.

Matthew's court appointed attorneys said they need more time to review the evidence in the case, specifically DNA results. The Fairfax County prosecutor did not object.

Matthew is accused rape and attempted capital murder in connection with a 2005 case from Fairfax City.

An official trial date will be set at another hearing next Friday at 2 p.m. Due to scheduling conflicts, the trial should be set sometime in June or July, and is expected to last eight days.

Matthew will be moved back to the Albemarle - Charlottesville Regional Jail. Sources say that move will likely happen this weekend.

Matthew is facing one charge in Charlottesville and two in Albemarle County.

The Associated Press contributed to this article.