Six months ago, Firefly was just Mark Weber's dream, and he spent the last year of his life making it a reality.

"I mean he was tired, he didn't feel well, but he was still here as often as he could be and just really making it happen," said Melissa Meece, Firefly's owner.

Weber was diagnosed with a germ-cell tumor this past June. His girlfriend Melissa Meece says he had always wanted to open a restaurant, and the illness put a rush it.

"For him, one day became doing it right now, today," she said.

Manager Ben Quade says he could tell Firefly was going to be a reality just from meeting Weber.

"I saw the dream. I saw his passion, and it was well worth trying to make all that work happen. And just by the passion he had for it, I knew that it was going to be a success," Quade said.

Staff members say Firefly is a neighborhood hangout for hundreds in the Charlottesville community, and they hope to continue to carry on the dream that Weber showed them was possible.

"It's kind of this bright light in the darkness, like a firefly. But also really it's about kind of the, this light that's going to continue on, that's going to live on. I mean this is his legacy," Meece said.

Meece says Firefly has seen more and more visitors over the past months, and she hopes to grow the space in the future. She says it was Weber's passion for life that keeps them all working to keep the business a success.

Editor's Note: Firefly is located at 1304 E. Market St, in Charlottesville.