St. Anne's Belfield junior center Javin Montgomery-DeLaurier is a force on both ends of the court.  He's literally grown into being a top college prospect.  Montgomery-DeLaurier has shot up eight inches since his freshman year at STAB and is now 6-foot-9.

DeLaurier says, "I pride myself on being versatile. I like to think I can score in a variety of ways. I can take you in the post, I can take you outside, just being able to do a little bit of everything."

Montgomery-DeLaurier is averaging 21 points and 13 rebounds per game.  He's had a double-double in every game this season except one.

STAB head coach Brian Kent says, "Just his explosiveness and ability to lead a team, he's great in transition, I think he leads us just about every category including assists. He has a very high IQ of the game."

It's common to see college coaches and scouts at the games. Montgomery-DeLaurier has scholarship offers from 13 schools including Virginia Tech and VCU.  Many others, including UVa are very interested.

Montgomery DeLaurier says, "I'd like to say I don't know that they're there, but you do. To the best of my ability I just block it out and play. You just can't put pressure on yourself is the biggest part."

Coach Kent says, "Whether there are coaches in the gym or not the kid is ready to play, I think the number one thing coaches love about Javin is his motor. They always say I love the kid's motor, I love how he gets up and down the court, the way he defends, he's long and athletic and he does that in practice even when he doesn't have coach Bennett or coach Smart in the gym."

Academics will play a big role in where Montgomery-DeLaurier plays college ball.  He'd like to be a pre-med major in college with aspirations of being a doctor.  He says he's enjoying the recruitment process but says he's in no rush to make a final decision on which school he'll attend.

"Got to keep working, get bigger and stronger, can't be satisfied, just work on every facet of my game because you're never going to be good enough I guess is the mentality you have to have, there's always someone out there who could be out-working you." DeLaurier says.

Kent says, "So now we're just trying to get his body wider and lower to the ground and really demand the ball in the post is our number one thing right now and getting balanced and finishing there with contact."

DeLaurier adds, "I love the game, everything about it."

DeLaurier has three younger brothers, ages 11, nine, and four.  All of them are in the St. Anne's Belfield school system.  They all make the one-hour commute each day from their Nelson County home.   DeLaurier's mom, C'ta, says education is very important to the family.  The boys are all bound to be tall.   Javin's mom is 6-foot-3 and played college basketball ball at Rutgers.  Javin's dad, who is French-Canadian, is 6-foot-7.