The revised fraternal operating agreement (FOA) come just weeks after a UVA fraternity came under fire in a scathing Rolling Stone magazine article.

The university's plan to breathe new respectability and accountability into the fraternity system is not being met with entirely open arms by those wearing Greek letters.

The Kappa Alpha Order and Alpha Tau Omega fraternities say they will not sign the new FOA.

Ten other fraternities say they are signing the agreement because their own policies are just as strict if not more stringent than the ones spelled out in the new FOA.

Some of those who are signing say they require their chapters to adhere to host university's or college's risk management policies, no questions asked.

Other fraternities at UVA are saying they have not yet made a decision.

All fraternities have until January 16 to officially sign and turn in those agreements to the university.

UVA administrators have no comment until that time.