CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - People against a proposed natural gas pipeline running through the Shenandoah Valley are looking to Washington, D.C. for help.

Protestors in downtown Charlottesville spoke out Saturday against the Dominion pipeline.

Leaders of the movement say the pipeline will threaten the area's water supply, and could even cause landslides. Now, they're asking politicians for support.

“Senator Warner and Senator Kaine's staffs were responsive. They said they view themselves as liaisons between citizen groups like ourselves and Dominion and the regulatory process, and that they were there to help us make sure our concerns got good answers,” said Joanna Salidis with Friends Of Nelson. “We intend to hold them to that.”

Dominion Resources says it will ensure the safety of the area. Among other things, the company says it will perform a variety of tests to ensure water quality in the area is the same after as it was before.