CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Police sources are detailing some of the evidence recovered in the double murder case of an Albemarle County school teacher and her teenage daughter.

Investigators are working to build a case against Gene Everett Washington. Washington is charged with the murders of 58-year-old Robin Aldridge and her 17-year-old daughter, Mani.

Thousands of people have been grieving the loss of the beloved Albemarle teacher and Charlottesville High School student.

Police believe they were brutally beaten to death before their Rugby Avenue home was set on fire on Friday, December 5.

The results of the investigation to determine what, if any, accelerants may have been used have not been disclosed.

Currently, police sources confirm they have evidence to believe Washington did steal the Aldridge's car the day of the fire and then try to sell it.

NBC29 has also been told investigators found a TV belonging to the victims in Washington's Barracks West apartment. Police also seized a dumpster from the apartment complex for evidence.

Police have said Washington knew Mani Aldridge. The two had contact on the phone and through text messages, but what is still unclear is if a common interest in music might explain how they met.

Authorities have not ruled out filing more charges against Washington as the investigation continues.

A manner and cause of death for Robin and Mani Aldridge has yet to be released. Washington is due back in court in February to face those murder charges.