NELSON COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - Friends of Nelson County is voicing its concern about the Dominion Atlantic Coast Pipeline again, this time saying building it could be dangerous. The group says the pipeline will also hurt the region's water quality and the economy.

Friends of Nelson County isn't against the pipeline altogether, but it says that particular area isn't the right place for the pipeline to be built. Nelson County's mountainous landscape makes it prone to landslides, and the organization says more construction would increase erosion and make those natural disasters even more likely.

The group says the pipeline is also bad news for the county's economy.

“The tourism businesses, in particular, really rely on the scenery and the perception of Nelson County's beautiful, natural amenities. We have Wintergreen and we have the many breweries and wineries,” said Joanna Salidis, Friend of Nelson County member.

The group says the pipeline will threaten the water quality of the region, hurting businesses like Blue Mountain Brewery that use that water in their brewing process.

The group says they think the pipeline should be built along existing transmission lines, railroad routes, or other companies' gas line routes - Or, better yet, they say to use solar power instead of a pipeline to provide that energy.

We contacted Dominion about these claims and have not heard back yet.

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