The Z Society placed flowers at the UVA Amphitheatre, along with a page-long note that reacts to the Rolling Stone magazine article detailing allegations of rape at the university.

The note reads in part, "in times like these, we stand together. We say to each other: I am your support, just as you are mine."

People are encouraged to come to the amphitheater Friday and take a flower for themselves or another person.

Letter from the Z Society:

"We are adrift. We have faced tragedy upon tragedy. We have been asked to contend with the inexplicable, with the horrendous, and with the deeply unfair. We are adrift—yet we drift together.

"Together, we share in the small solace of company, and we share in the ache of our sadness, and in the light of our hope that things will be better. We share in our anger and in our concern, but—what's more—we share in the belief that our community can and must evolve.

"In times like these, we stand together. We say to each other: I am your support, just as you are mine. Today, and every day, may we stand emboldened by our capacity for love and inspired by our faith in what we can be, what we must be, what we will be. Though our path forward is unclear, we know that it is a path that we must go down together. All of us.

"Ours is a community with the capacity to achieve the astounding when its flame has been rightly kindled—and now must be a time of change.

"We find ourselves adrift, yet we drift together. Afraid, angry, confused, unsteady, uneasy, unsure —but together.

"At our symbol in the Amphitheatre, you will find a collection of flowers. Please take as many as you need to pass on to those who are in need—a friend, a roommate, a staff member, a neighbor, a stranger. May each flower find its own meaning for the person who receives it, and may we begin to shape the meaning of these tragedies in our community."