CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - University of Virginia student leaders set up a memorial Sunday morning as homecoming weekend comes to a close.

A chalkboard wall is quickly filling with messages from students and alumni as they mourn Hannah Graham's death. Student leaders assembled the memorial to allow members of the university community to reflect on her life.

Second Year student Natalie Anderson said, “The three of us didn't personally know Hannah but just being in the same situation as her and knowing the impact it's had on the community has been really difficult for all of us."

Many who stopped by say the memorial serves as a reminder of the community coming together.

“It's good to know the entire community can come together and be supportive of one another even though we're all so different, we're all from such different backgrounds, it's good to know that we have each other's backs and we can be supportive,” said Anderson.

Graham was a second year student at UVA and a member of the Ski Club before she vanished from downtown Charlottesville on September 13. Some who wrote messages on the memorial chalkboard wall feel a connection to Graham.

Second Year student Meghan Trice said “We're all a daughter, we're a sister, we're a friend."

Graham's remains were identified Friday, the start of UVA's homecoming weekend. Some alumni made a point to stop by the memorial.

Alumni Abby Heider said, “We really felt like we needed to come by and kind of pay our respects because both of us don't live in Charlottesville currently and have been kind of watching this from afar.”

Christina Mattaliano graduated in the class of 2012. She says it's nice to return to find a close knit community, recovering from the loss of a fellow 'Hoo.

“Of course it's a tragedy but how the community has come together, it's very nice to see as alum that that's still very much part of the university,” said Mattaliano.

People can continue to stop by the memorial near Newcomb Hall and show their support.