People who live in North Garden, near where police found remains believed to be Hannah Graham are broken hearted to hear of the discovery so close to home.

Hardware Baptist Church is less than two miles from where Chesterfield searchers found what they believe to be Hannah Graham's body. People in the congregation say their hearts go out to John and Sue Graham and their prayers will not stop.

Pastor Israel Stewart says his congregation at Hardware Baptist Church is shocked at the break in the Hannah Graham investigation being so close to home.

"When things like this happen we say well we just can't imagine this happening in our area, in our neighborhood,” said Stewart.

Church Member Morgan Dudley said, "I feel very scared you know for her parents because you know they had a child and they had no idea this was going to happen."

Members say they travel along Old Lynchburg Road often to get to and from their church on Red Hill Road.

"Being so close to where she was, you know it could happen to anyone,” said Dudley.

In Sunday's services, the congregation put Hannah's parents, John and Sue Graham, at the center of their prayers.

"I know that the Graham family will somehow survive through this terrible ordeal and I think that prayer on our part for them and the community is vital,” said Stewart.

"You know they didn't deserve it. She seemed like a very nice girl and that didn't need to happen to them,” said Dudley.

Members of the church say they did not notice anything unusual in the days following Hannah Graham's disappearance. Since the discovery, they say they will be more vigilant and help police in any way they can.