ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - Rain is not putting a damper on the search for Hannah Graham Monday in Albemarle County; it actually helped.

The rain cooled the temperature outside but did not hurt visibility on the 16th day of the search for Graham. Helicopters took off and landed at the fire station near Mill Creek Drive in Albemarle Monday after the Virginia Department of Emergency Management relocated its command center there. All-terrain vehicles also covered areas south of Charlottesville.

“There are a number of law enforcement agencies, sheriff's offices the state police, etc. that have search-and-rescue-trained units within departments and agencies and that is what we are going to reach out to and put together a plan to stagger them through the week,” said Mark Eggeman, Virginia Department of Emergency Management search coordinator.

Officers from the Albemarle County Police Department combed the area around Route 20 as well. Eggeman says search teams will push into Scottsville.

He continues to rely on tips and evidence gathered from Charlottesville police.