A new community kitchen in Charlottesville opened for the first time Sunday at Trinity Episcopal Church.

The kitchen and the gardens that provide much of the food cooked there are the result of a combined effort of several community groups. In just six months the church has a new kitchen, and garden, thanks to community's support.

Trinity pastor Cass Bailey said, "We did a capital campaign in the church to raise most of the funds for the kitchen. We also received some grants and now it's ready to go."

In April, the church teamed up with building goodness foundation and students from the UVA Darden School to construct the new garden. Professional builders volunteered their time for the project.

BGF Executive Director Kelly Epplee said, "They were providing the expertise behind it and building them while they're filling, and then filling them up with dirt all in the same day it was quite a challenge. Logistically, a lot of moving parts, but they pulled it off really well."

Now, Pastor Cass Bailey says the church has big plans for the kitchen.

"There's a canning program that will be moving into Trinity in October that will have weekly classes and that will lead to a certification for those who are interested to be able to have a business, to cook their canning products, and then to market those canning products,” said Bailey.

What was just an idea less than a year ago is now a reality, and Bailey says he can't believe it happened so fast.

Pastor bailey also says he's met with the city schoolyard gardens and the international rescue committee in hopes of organizing joint community programs in the future.