A new chapter of the Help Save the Next Girl Organization is coming to Charlottesville in hopes of raising awareness and honoring Hannah Graham.

Graham, a second-year University of Virginia student, disappeared on September 13. Jesse Matthew has been charged with abduction with intent to defile in connection with the case.

The nonprofit's goal is to stop more girls from disappearing. The parents of Virginia Tech student Morgan Harrington founded the organization after their daughter was abducted in Charlottesville and murdered in 2009.

"Sexual Violence plagues a lot of universities across America, and we're hoping that this program will be known to all students that walk on grounds so that way it can be a joint effort to fight sexual violence and create an environment that's safe for everybody,” said Landon Wilkons, member of Help Save the Next Girl's UVA chapter.

The UVA chapter of Help Save the Next Girl plans to present the proposal to UVA Student Council Tuesday so that they can become an official Contracted Independent Organization (CIO).