The Help Save the Next Girl organization coordinated the Beep for Bonnie event, which encouraged motorists to honk their horns and call in if they have any information.  The only thing Bonnie Santiago's family and friends asked for on Saturday was to help raise awareness for their missing loved one.

“It feels good because we're getting the word out again and the beeps that we're getting, we know that people are paying attention," said Lois Roberts, Santiago's former daughter-in-law. 

Santiago's family and friends painted signs and held her picture up at the base of the mountain to make sure she's not forgotten.

"They're ready to be vocal in the community about Bonnie. They want answers and you know the only way to do it is to keep doing community awareness events and keep it in the public's eye," said Help Save the Next Girl organizer Amanda St. Clair.

Shawn White, with the Center for Missing Persons, says standing alongside others who have missing loved ones is a comfort. "It gives them something else to put their energy into and focus on and being surrounded by family members of other missing persons really helps a lot as well."

"They're there to listen to us. The families we've met, you know Alexis Murphy's family, Gil Harrington and them, they're great,” said Roberts. "We just want something to ease our fears, to ease our frustration - You know, anything.” 

"Every beep means they know about Bonnie,” said St. Clair.

Albemarle County Police will only say the investigation into Santiago's disappearance is ongoing. Anyone with information is asked to call the Crimestoppers tip line at 434-977-4000.