ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - Aromatherapy treatment is now available to cancer patients at Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital thanks to generous community donors. 

A grant was recently awarded to the Cancer Center to provide aromatherapy to patients undergoing chemotherapy.  It’s used in conjunction with take-home anti-nausea medication that typically takes longer to kick in. 

“It has lavender and ginger in it which are known to help minimize nausea for patients,” said Danielle Schrader, BSN, RN, Sentara Martha Jefferson Medical Oncology and Infusion Center.  

Two options are offered at the center, depending on the needs of the patient. 

“There is a small packet that provides a one time use,” said Schrader.  “We utilize those with patients who are in the chair receiving treatment.  But there is also a six month supply that’s in a little bottle that they can take with them and open up and use at any time.” 
Many patients undergoing chemotherapy worry about the nausea they may experience. Because of this, caregivers say having access to the aromatherapy providers them with one more option to help make the experience for their patients as pleasant as possible. 

“It’s about the Sentara Martha Jefferson Caring Tradition. It’s about taking care of our patients and trying to minimize their anxiety,” noted Schrader. 

The grants were awarded by the Patient and Family Advisory Committee of the hospital. 

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