More than 200 backpacks are ready to be delivered to students in need this week all thanks to a 14-year-old student who founded her own charity.

Hoerr founded the nonprofit program "Backpack Buddies of Central Virginia" five years ago when she started providing backpacks to children at the Boys & Girls Club of Central Virginia. She was only 9 years old.

"I didn't think it was even possible for a kid to have their own charity but then I did it, and I'm still doing it and so it's really special and so I just ask people to donate to help the kids that need it,” said Hoerr.

There were over 30 boxes full of pencils, glue sticks, notebooks and other supplies laid out Thursday afternoon in Hoerr's driveway. More than 25 of her friends and classmates showed up to help pack items in backpacks she collected.

Hoerr wants all students to have enough supplies, and hates to see any without them.

"That's just not fair, that they're at a less advantage than other kids just because their parents can't afford it because they're buying the necessities like food, water, shelter and housing,” said Hoerr.

Backpack Buddies relies on supply and monetary donations. This year, a leadership program within the Triple C Camp stepped up to help by hosting a supply drive.

“I think it is something that closely relates to these kids, being from this area and knowing a lot of the kids around the school system that are struggling to get school supplies that they need,” said Christopher Mastromarino, Triple C Camp counselor.

Hoerr took more than 224 full bags to the Boys & Girls Club this week, which was almost twice her goal.