NELSON COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - Dozens turned out to listen in on a conversation between Nelson County supervisors and representatives of Dominion Tuesday night.

The board brought up concerns about a proposed 42-inch natural gas pipeline that would cross 40 miles in Nelson. Supervisors asked questions about leaks within the pipe, distance from each individual home and how Dominion plans to work with impacted homeowners.

But the question that got the biggest reaction was when one supervisor asked if the pipeline could be done without going through Nelson. Dominion spokesman Chett Wade said, "All I can tell you is that right now the route that we proposed is through Nelson County. I'm sure there are those that wish that's not the case. We are looking for the best route possible."

"My suggestion is the folks with Dominion reconsider the route based on cost effectiveness and maybe come back with an alternate route,” said Edward Ealy, who lives in Nelson.

Supervisor Connie Brennan said she believes the route can be changed, but Supervisor Allen Hale thinks it’s a done deal and wants to focus on helping the people who will be affected.

Supervisors did not make a decision about any resolutions Tuesday night. Dominion will be back for an open house sometime in September.