CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - UPDATE: Evan Nolte agreed to enter a program for first-time offenders and paid court costs in this case. After a full year, the charge will be dismissed if there are no further incidents. The drunk in public charge was amended to illegal possession of alcohol. His case was before a judge in Charlottesville General District Court on October 2.

A University of Virginia basketball player is facing a drunk in public charge in Charlottesville.

Evan Nolte, 20, was arrested early Sunday morning in front of Jimmy John's on West Main Street. A police report says Nolte admitted to having eight drinks, had slurred speech and, when put in a cab by police, ran out of it. He was then arrested.

Charlottesville police say the athlete was not given special treatment during the incident.

"Most law enforcement officers will give you what we call an avenue to move forward with your evening, to go home or take the appropriate steps or guidance from one of the officers. He or she may try to give you what we call 'the way out,'" said Lt. Ronnie Roberts with the Charlottesville Police Department. "Obviously in this particular case, it did not happen."

Nolte spent a few hours in the regional jail as police say he sobered up.

Nolte appeared in 32 games off the bench for the ACC regular season and tournament champions last season. According to Erich Bacher, assistant athletics director for public relations at UVA, basketball coach Tony Bennett is aware of the incident involving Nolte and is handling the matter internally.

Nolte's charge can result in a maximum fine of $250. He will have a hearing in Charlottesville General District Court on September 5.