Six women have vanished, been abducted or killed in central Virginia in just the last six years. An organization dedicated to finding justice for these women and their families brought them together Saturday at the Albemarle County fair.

Alexis Murphy, Samantha Clarke, Dashad Smith, Bonnie Santiago and Janet Rene field are all missing.

The Help Save The Next Girl organization is never giving up hope that they're still out there and making sure their stories are heard.

Help Save The Next Girl tries to speak for the voices that are lost. The group's search for information in the disappearances of several central Virginia women is what brought members to the Albemarle county fair Saturday.

Group Member, Kenny Jarels said, "We may jog the memory of someone that's says hey you know I saw something that might, but I didn't think at the time it was important, but now that we hear some updated information from you guys."

Getting information from and to the right people is critical for the families with missing loved ones.

“When people are desperate and need help they don't think very clearly and they don't know who to turn to and that's where we try to come in and try to help them out,” said Jarles.

Friends and family of Bonnie Santiago and Samantha Clarke met for the first time at Saturday's event.

Clarke vanished from orange in 2010. Santiago disappeared from Albemarle County last month.

Bonnie Santiago’s friend, Lois Roberts said, "We just want them to know that we're here for them. We know what they're going through and we know the pain that's in their heart."

"We pray for a safe return for Bonnie and for all of the missing people that you know are still waiting for answers. We pray for a safe return for all of them,” said Amanda Herandes, a friend of Bonnie Santiago.

Both are reaching out to the organization for the same reason. To find answers

"We're just here trying to help you know if anybody's seen anything then please get in contact with us,” said Hernandes.

Help Save The Next Girl remains hopeful for each case that comes to them for help.

"Alexis is still out there. Samantha Clarke is still out there. So yeah, some of these are somewhat older cases but we don't want them to be forgotten,” said Jarles.

The organization was founded in 20 11 by the parents of murdered Virginia Tech student Morgan Harrington. It currently has more than 12,000 members and helps with missing persons cases across the country.