NELSON COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - Nelson County supervisors say they want more information before they allow Dominion crews to survey for a gas pipeline.

Tuesday, they passed a resolution requesting a formal presentation. Connie Brennan, chair of the Nelson County Board of Supervisors, says it’s a last-resort attempt at communication with Dominion.

Supervisors only learned of the plans for the proposed pipeline on May 14, but surveying for the project is set to begin this month. The plans for the natural gas pipeline, known as the Southern Reliability Project, show it crossing over about 40 miles in the county, and supervisors say some crude maps are all they have to go on at the moment.

Meanwhile, hundreds of people have been taking a stand against a pipeline they feel would threaten their property. Brennan says, right now, they just want answers.

"We just don't feel that it's fair or even reasonable to try to come down through our county like this in addition to which we have several historic areas and cultural areas so we're pretty upset about the fact that we're not getting any information about it at all,” Brennan said.

Brennan says Dominion Resources had originally planned to meet with them at their meeting Tuesday, but that was scrapped and they have no makeup meeting planned yet.

The resolution doesn't hold any legal ramifications, so the company can still come into the county to survey. But Brennan says if they don't get any answers about the pipeline directly, the board may begin looking into what it can do to put a stop to the project.