President Sullivan signed Mr. Wynne’s letter personally and individually, not as University president or a member of the UVA faculty. I believe Mr. Wynne’s letter indicates that titles accompany names of those who signed his letter for purposes of identification.

President Sullivan also supports the letter from the Virginia Council of Presidents to Gov. McAuliffe, which is mentioned in Mr. Wynne’s letter to the Attorney General.

President Sullivan believes that the current laws regarding benefits for same-sex partners places the University of Virginia and public higher education in the Commonwealth at a competitive disadvantage.

The president made these remarks about the COP letter during a meeting of the University Faculty Senate in April:

“The letter pointed out that Virginia law does not permit state-provided health insurance benefits for same-sex domestic partners; described the problems that the law presents for colleges/universities; and advocated for changing the law.

“As you know, our inability to offer benefits for same-sex partners has damaged our ability to recruit and retain faculty. Because of this law, we have lost long-time faculty to other schools, and lost recruits. We are at a disadvantage when we compete with schools in states that offer benefits to same-sex partners. But legally, until the law is changed, we cannot change University policy.”