NELSON COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - Hundreds of concerned citizens packed the Rockfish Community Center in Nelson County Sunday to talk about ways the community can put a stop to a proposed pipeline by Dominion Resources that would cross many of their properties.

The group Friends of Nelson organized the meeting. They were formed just two weeks ago after another community meeting in Lovingston.

People at the meeting began by signing a petition to the Board of Supervisors saying they want dominion to give a public presentation on the pipeline. Dozens of residents then spoke about concerns they had, ranging from pollution and property damage to concerns over fracking. 

Supervisor Connie Brennan was in attendance and publicly stated her opposition to the project. 

"It affects four out of our five districts, and I think that's very powerful too. People coming from all over the county to oppose this abomination as I think of it, coming through our beautiful county,” stated Brennan.

Andrew Gantt, an affected property owner said “essentially, it will go through the whole length of our property, which is 800 acres, and I think it will be about two or three quarter miles long within our property. So it's going to deal a death blow to the conservation efforts that I've been trying to follow my whole life."

Brennan encouraged everyone at the meeting to email the supervisors as well.

The next county supervisor meeting is Thursday at 4 p.m.