CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - My Chocolate Shoppe in Charlottesville is offering something for those with a sweet tooth, but it has a little bit more crunch than usual.

Marybeth Schellhammer is going beyond fudge and gumballs and offering bugs at her shop. Covered in chocolate, they’re actually selling faster than most things in the store.

After a trial run with cicadas, Schellhammer is dipping other bugs in chocolate.

"I ordered 150 scorpions, 300 crickets, and 300 worms,” she said.

And they've been a huge hit. Nearly sold out in just two weeks, she's had to triple her order for the farm-raised insects. Schellhammer says the bugs have gone over much better than she thought they would.

NBC29 took to the downtown mall to see what people think. Some were hesitant to taste the crunchy creatures, while others jumped at the opportunity.

"It's just crackle. You can't really taste it. There's crunch and that's pretty much it,” said Jenny Link.

Even a 4-year-old named Claire was willing to give the bugs a try. And some with more mature palates suggested pairings.

“Great with coffee,” said Adam Palacias. “Didn't think crickets and coffee were a good thing but I’m all about it.”

The shop makes sure nothings goes to waste. Any of the extra legs or wings are mixed in with chocolate and sold as “bug bark.”