ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - Albemarle County says work on a new shopping center off Fifth Street Extended is full speed ahead.

The county says as long as some key land work happens this summer, the store and the shopping center should be a go for opening in early 2015. Part of those plans include a connector road, and fire crews say that'll make emergency response a lot easier.

It's still woods, dirt piles, and gravel roads along Bent Creek Road. If you miss the sign, you wouldn't even know plans for a major shopping center are in full swing.

“They've pushed the dirt around and flattened it but that's the extent of the construction that's gone on to date,” said Mark Graham, with Albemarle County community development.

Albemarle County says the new shopping center and the Wegman's are all on track to open in early 2015.

“It's still certainly well within their target, and as long as they start construction, get the infrastructure, the draining, the roads this summer, they should be in good shape,” said Graham.

Kathleen Brown, who lives off Route 53 in Albemarle County, says she's excited for the new shopping options.

“So we don't have to drive all the way down 29, because people in this area really don't have that many options of good produce and good shopping,” said Brown.

The other thing people are excited about is a new road, called Bent Creek Parkway, that's going to connect Fifth Street to Avon Street. That's good news for Albemarle County Fire and Rescue.

“It will certainly shave off minutes from our response time to this area of Fifth Street Extended,” said John Oprandy, Albemarle County deputy fire chief.

Oprandy says his crews currently have to either take I-64 or go through downtown Charlottesville to get to Fifth Street from the Monticello station.

“There's several apartment complexes and right now they don't get the response time that they would if we had that type of connection, we'd be able to get anywhere from three to five minutes quicker,” said Oprandy.

The Wegmans and the Bent Creek Parkway are sort of a package deal. The developer has to put the parkway in when they build the store, so those will open at the same time.

We're told there could be word soon on another big store coming to that shopping center. NBC29 reached out to the developer but hasn't yet heard back.