Alexis Murphy's family says justice has been served with the jury's decision to convict Randy Taylor of murder and abduction Thursday. Taylor was on trial after being charged in the abduction and murder on Nelson County teenager Alexis Murphy following her disappearance last August.

Even though there's a wave of relief, the family still needs to figure out how to move forward without Alexis. They have been on an emotional rollercoaster for the past 10 months, waiting for the very moment when the guilty verdicts were read in the courtroom Thursday afternoon.

Now, Alexis’ family is focused on finding a new normal and keeping her legacy alive.

“Justice had been served and wherever Alexis is, she can be at peace now," said Trina Murphy, Alexis' great aunt.

Alexis' family says Taylor's conviction brings them a sense of closure.

“I think hearing the jury come in with the guilty verdicts on both charges just felt like a huge weight was lifted off my family's shoulder and we could get some sort of closure to know that this monster won't be able to do this to another family,” said Angela Taylor, Alexis' aunt.

But the reality is they still can't lay Alexis to rest.

“I don't think we can have real closure until she's found and of course the team has promised us that they'll never stop looking and that's very comforting. This certainly, as I said before, goes a long way in helping us just try to find our new normal,” said Trina Murphy.

Thursday, Laura Murphy - Alexis' mother - took the stand to stress why she feels her daughter's killer should spend the rest of his life behind bars.

“Listening to my niece up on that stand say that we now have to tell Alexis' brother that she's never coming home, those are the things that we're left with,” said Trina Murphy.

Trina Murphy says Randy Taylor's outburst in court showed his true colors.

“I think that's the real Randy Allen Taylor. I think he is a very angry man. He clearly did not want to face the consequences of his actions,” said Trina Murphy.

The Murphy’s now face the possibility that Alexis may never come home.

“To listen to my sister get on that stand and cry about how she doesn't have her daughter, if that did not get to him, he is a monster and he will never tell us where she is,” said Angela Taylor.

They are making sure her memory lives on.

“I know that wherever she is, she knows how much her family loves and misses her and I wish we just had that chance to tell her that,” said Angela Taylor.

Now Alexis's family is in the process of starting a scholarship in her name. They plan to continue working with groups - like Save the Next Girl - to try and prevent anyone else from facing Alexis' fate.

Taylor is scheduled to be sentenced July 23.