A team of undergraduates used the body of a totaled Jetta - donated by State Farm insurance - to redesign an electric car with safety in mind as their senior capstone project. They have been working  to remodel the car since August.

Engineering students in the "Ride Forward" electric vehicle design course popped open the trunk of the remodeled 2001 Jetta Monday. That's where most of the electric car's 48 batteries are located.

“When you have a design on paper or a computer, and it looks great, when you take it out here and try to implement it you run into so many problems you can't foresee ahead of time,” said Emily Kehne, 4th-year engineering student at UVA.

The electric Jetta is capable of driving 100 miles between charges.

The car now officially belongs to the UVA Ride Forward team. State Farm turned over the title Monday.