People from all over the world are visiting Waynesboro to learn a technique called "rebirthing breathwork" from the founder himself. People are visiting Inspiration University - the flagship training center for rebirthing - to meet the man behind the method, Leonard Orr.

According to Inspiration University's official website, rebirthing breathwork is defined as the ability to breathe energy as well as air.

For Orr it all started in the tub.

“I would have fantastic realizations and revelations when I was just soaking in the bath tub,” said Orr.

At the time Orr called it “spontaneous regression.”

“I regressed into a birth memory. That was pretty unknown in 1962,” said Orr.

Fast forward 10 years to a lecture Orr was giving on spiritual psychology sharing his experiences.

“More than 50 percent of the group said, 'Well how do you have birth memories? We want to have birth memories,’” said Orr.

So Orr started using a hot tub and snorkel to help people heal what he calls “the trauma of birth.”

After about two years and a 100 sessions later, Orr discovered it wasn't the water that was healing.

“I noticed that the key to the experience was the breathing,” said Orr.

Rebirthing breathwork was born. Now, 40 years later thousands of people all over the world practice Orr's technique of breathing in energy and he says the benefits are tangible.

“Most people have never realized that if they learn to breathe better they can improve their health,” said Orr.

Rian Montgomery is relatively new to breathwork, but attests to its benefits.

“My blood pressure is down for one thing. I've had high blood pressure for seven years and now it's normal again,” said Montgomery.

Egbert Sukop, a breathwork practioner for 30 years, says he's relaxed.

“No matter what's going on I am more calm and relaxed and optimistic than I have ever been,” said Sukop.

Orr says there's been some criticism over the years, but he encourages people to try a session and get back to him.

“How can you criticize breathing?,” said Orr.

Inspiration University is a full time breathwork training center. Orr particpates in training when he is not teaching breathwork abroad.

For more information on Inspiration University, click here.