ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - As people age, coordinating all the different pieces of healthcare can become a difficult task.  Now, a new senior services navigator at Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital is stepping in to help. 

“Navigating the healthcare system can be overwhelming for anybody, especially for seniors,” noted Jessica Cooper, RN, senior services navigator at Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital.  

Cooper's role is to be a resource and help simplify the process for patients and their caregivers. 

“It’s kind of a one stop shop,” she noted.  “If I have a question I have a person to call and I can send them to the right people to help navigate their care as well.”

Cooper’s main role is to work with seniors and their caregivers to educate and connect them with community resources they may need so they can plan a role in their care.

“Here at Sentara Martha Jefferson we believe in patient-centered care which means listening to the patient and involving the patient in the decision and educating them on the resources.”

While Cooper isn’t the one providing all the services, she is the person who they can turn to in order to help ensure they get what they need. 

“I personally may not be providing the service that they need, but I would be the one to help find the right person for the care and walk them through the steps of being a self advocate to manage their care.  We want to make sure that the care of the seniors covers the whole continuum and if you have a question you can just give me a call,” noted Cooper. 

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