A small group speaking out against gay rights caused quite a stir at the University of Virginia Wednesday.

The protest created a large and unique response from students. At first, dozens of students silently watched the group protest gay rights. Then a few students spoke up, causing quite a chain reaction.

As you can see on the video above – sent in by UVA student Emily Handy – the group's protesting prompted dozens of students to join hands and belt out the university's de facto alma mater, drowning out the protester's message.

"It was something that was so ignorant and something that was so hateful towards a group of people and it was responded to in a really positive and beautiful way,” Handy said.

The protest even caught the attention of UVA's dean of students, Allen Groves. He took to his Twitter, saying, "I'm headed to the amphitheater now to see this circus in person. I'm sorry to my students that you are having to listen to this."

The video was posted just Wednesday afternoon and news of it has quickly spread. By Wednesday night it had thousands of views.